Securing The World

join us in our mission to secure everyone online. We are redefining cyber security for consumers; making non invasive, military grade cyber tech accessible to every Internet user in the click of one button.

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Smartphone users in the world


Web traffic comes from Smartphones in the world


BodyGuard users protected globally

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Securing India

India is the biggest Internet market in the world after China, and still growing. More than 500M smartphone users, and more than 80% access the Internet via these devices. Less than 1% of people are protecting their privacy and security while they’re online.


Smartphone users in India


Web traffic comes from smartphone


BodyGuard users protected globally

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Securing Israel

Israel is one of the most technologically advanced markets in the world; with a tough and critical cyber aware population. While our R&D takes place in Israel, we also have access to some of the best early adopters and users for BodyGuard.


Smartphone users in Israel


Web traffic comes from smartphone


BodyGuard users protected globally



Stay Connected. Stay Safe.

BodyGuard in Action

Secure Your Smartphone In 1 Click

Digital Safety

Secure Your Smartphone

  • Real time protection for all your Internet traffic
  • Military grade encryption while you stay connected
  • AI powered cyber defense to combat all types of cyber attacks

If you’re looking for mobile security, go for BODYGUARD!! Amazing network and trusted VPN, Strongly recommend it!

Sunil Sharma

New Delhi


Smart Lock Your Apps

  • Add an additional layer of security for any of your apps
  • Keep your sensitive information safe and private on-device
  • Create a PIN / password of your choice or fingerprint to lock & unlock

One product with so many features. I like the dual security I get from Airtight. Value for money

Pradeep Kulkarni



Know Your Apps Origin

  • Find out the country of origin for any app
  • Control your data from flowing to these countries
  • Uninstall any apps from any country as per your discretion

Patriot is my most favorite feature. BodyGuard is one of the most user friendly apps I use


Uttar Pradesh


Find Your Exposed Data

  • Dark web intelligence tool
  • Search by just typing in your own or a loved one’s email
  • Get alerted if websites or apps that you subscribed to get hacked

I have used many VPN’s and by far BodyGuard offers the best VPN experience.

Soumajit Mitra



Locate Your Phone Anywhere

  • Track and control your smartphone remotely if lost or stolen
  • In case it’s stolen you can play a siren and take a photo of the thief
  • For lost a smartphone you can lock it and get a GPS accurate location

It is a nice and secure app. I feel more secure after installing the app. It has a tracker that tracks down the illegal source .

Vivek Raj Singh



Encrypted Experience
  • State of the art encryption technology for all your Internet traffic
  • Indulge in an anonymous and secure VPN connection online at all times
Wi-fi & Hotspot Protection
  • Be invisible to hackers over any compromised Internet connection
  • Stay private online when connected via cellular, home wi-fi, or public hotspots
On-device Controls
  • Safeguard all sensitive information stored across any of your apps
  • Know which apps access your data and are not compliant with ethical user privacy
Safe Browsing
  • Detection and prevention of web-based cyber attacks in real time
  • Browse with peace of mind; any browser level threat will be thwarted
Phishing Armor
  • Multi channel defense across email, text, instant messaging & social media
  • Stay secure against targeted and automated click-bait attacks, scams & frauds
Advanced Anti-Malware
  • AI powered cyber defense to defeat sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Virtual shield for ransomware, adware, spyware, and other types of malware