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Top notch military-grade tech for people who love to be secured  
Worlds Fastest VPN
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Real-Time Cyber Defense 


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Our Story

SafeHouse Tech is an Indo-Israeli company with HQ in Tel Aviv and offices in London and New Delhi. Founded in 2016 by Liad Herman and Aditya Narang, our approach to digital security is a product of unparalleled experience in intelligence, consulting, and consumer goods. 


Our Vision

We secure real people in the digital space. Phishing scams, bank frauds, and "cyber" threats are just the surface of attacks, the real damage & risks go beyond your device and at SafeHouse we protect just that; making your Internet experience faster, private, and secure. 


Our Technology

Our military-grade tech fused with a practical interface enables any user to secure themselves online in one button or less. We use cloud-based artificial intelligence to detect and prevent online threats in real-time, and can protect smartphones and all other Internet-enabled devices. 



Why SafeHouse

We Simply Protect People Online


Future Proof Tech!  

Technological advances with the Internet of Things and 5G are enabling more offline devices to come online, and while this increases efficiency and quality of life, it also increases the threat landscape. This reality is at the very center of the capabilities we have developed at SafeHouse Tech, keeping in mind that every time a new device becomes Wi-Fi enabled, a hacker gets a new way in.  
SafeHouse Tech keeps you safe. Anytime, Anywhere!
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I24 Resident Cyber Expert 

SafeHouse & PayPal Fraud Exposure

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SafeHouse & Netflix Fraud Exposure

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SafeHouse Launches Worlds Fastest VPN

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SafeHouse Launches Worlds Fastest VPN


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