VPN Guide

What is VPN? VPN, which stands for virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between the device you are using and the internet. Ultimately, VPN encrypts your device’s internet traffic and masks your digital identity while online. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to track your activities. While BodyGuard hides your real IP, with … Read more

LinkWatch Guide

What is LinkWatch? LinkWatch by BodyGuard provides another layer of protection for your device. By using LinkWatch, you can be assured that all links you open on your device are secure. LinkWatch’s AI technology identifies harmful URLs on one’s device. Once a link is detected as dangerous, LinkWatch blocks the website and adds it to … Read more

Airtight Guide

Add an additional layer of security for any and all of your apps with airtight by BodyGuard. Airtight allows you to stop anyone from opening apps of your choice. This is done by locking apps to those without the PIN, face ID, or fingerprint needed to open the app. You can customize which app you … Read more

Threats Guide

Use BodyGuard’s dark web intelligence tool to find if and when you have been hacked. Simply open the BodyGuard app on your mobile device. Under the button that activates VPN, there is a section titled “features.” This is where you will click on the threats feature. Once there type in your, or anyone else’s, email … Read more

Patriot Guide

What is the Patriot Feature? With BodyGuard’s patriot feature, you can see where every app on your device originates without researching. Patriot enables users to identify the origin country of all apps on their device. If apps made in a particular country are suddenly deemed unsafe, patriot is your first stop. With patriot, you can … Read more

Tracker Guide

What is the Tracker Feature? With BodyGuard’s unique tracking feature, you are able to locate your device wherever it may be. If you misplaced your smartphone, you could get an accurate location of where it is. More so, you can have the device play a siren noise and take a snapshot of its surroundings. With … Read more