Secure Your Device in One Click

Faster. Private. Secure.


How It Works

1. click on the ‘Protect My Device’ button


BodyGuard forms a P2P encrypted VPN connection to
the SafeHouse Secure Cloud as the first point of
contact to the Internet. All of your Internet traffic
becomes fully encrypted and processed under
real-time cyber analysis to protect you
whenever you use your device.

2. When your BodyGuard is online, you are secure


Whether it be a phishing attack, ransomware, or
even a malicious link you accidentally clicked
on, the SafeHouse Secure Cloud is capable of
detecting and preventing cyber threats in real-time.
We secure ALL of the Internet traffic.

3. Use your mobile device as you please


It’s always on. Our non-intrusive technology allows
you to use your device as usual; you don’t see it or
feel it – and you don’t need to. No more ‘updates’,
no more ‘scans’, your BodyGuard is always with you
whenever you’re online.