Frequently asked questions

How do I set up BodyGuard with my license key?

Please visit and register there with email and a password. Download the application BodyGuard Mobile Security from iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Enter your credentials to login and connect to BodyGuard

What is the lengh of BodyGuard license?

One-year license for one device

Can i transfer my BodyGuard license if I buy a new mobile ?

Yes, you can transfer your license to a new device. Logout from your old mobile, download the app "BodyGuard Mobile Security" on the new phone and login with your credentials.

What is the difference between BodyGuard VIP and BodyGuard Personal?

BodyGuard VIP gives to access to our international locations and global internet content from anywhere in the world. BodyGuard Personal, you will only connect to our India servers. Data Security and Internet Privacy is the same, but VIP provides you with fastest and most reliable way to unblock websites and gain access to your favorite internet content - wherever you are.

How does BodyGuard protects my phone and my data?

BodyGuard creates a secure VPN tunnel from user’s device to the SafeHouse Secure Cloud Your traffic is encrypted; no one can monitor your online activity. Detection and prevention of malware/virus/phishing threats across all communication channels and applications

What happens when i accidentally open a malicious link?

BodyGuard blocks the page and redirects the user to SafeHouse Safe Page

Is ANY of data collected by BodyGuard?

NO. Traffic is passing through in real-time – no data is saved. We only collect your email and threats blocked on your device. Please refer to Privacy Policy for more details.