Secure Your Home

No Application. No Software.


How It Works

1. Opt-in through your Internet Service Provider

If your Internet Service Provider has
partnered with us, then subscribe now to the
Native value added service through an opt-in text
message or your online portal. If your ISP does not
currently provide Native, petition for it here.

2. Once Native activated, you don’t need to download anything, anywhere

Native protects ALL of your Internet enabled
devices without any software nor application
download required. We instead provide cyber
security as a value added service through
your ISP; therefore, each of your individual
devices stay protected.

3. Your router and every device connected to it will remain secure


All of the internet traffic from your home or
office router gets directed to the SafeHouse Secure
Cloud. Our cloud becomes your first point of contact
to the internet. Although invisible to you, your
Internet traffic will stay fully encrypted and be
processed under real-time cyber analysis in order
to protect you 24/7.