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For All Users!
Secure Your Device in One Click
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  • Privacy

  • Protection

  • Encryption 

  • Global Access


SafeHouse BodyGuard is an award wining 'one-button app' that protects you where ever you may go. Whether it be a phishing attack, ransomware, or
even a malicious link you accidentally clicked on, our one-button app provides you with top-notch security at your office, home and oversees. BodyGuard Secure Cloud is built for anyone, from children to adults in the workplace or at home.

For All Telcos!
Smart Service. Easy Implementation 
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  • Plug & Play

  • Opt-in/out

  • Low-Cost Implementation

  • TELECOM unique offering 

  • No GI or DPI involvement 

Native is a value-added service that protects all of your internet-enabled devices without any software or application download. Once Native is activated, you don’t need to download anything else. Your Router and every device connected to It will remain secure.  SafeHouse provides cyber-security as a value-added service through your ISP; therefore, each of your individual devices stay protected with a very minimal investment on your part. 

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  • Military Grade

  • Mobile Threat Visibility

  • Encryption 

  • Full System Integration

Turning every device in to sensor. our enterprise and government solution is based on our CORE technological AI SOC and can not be elaborated due to NDA's disclosure agreements. You are welcome to contact us in order to learn more post a mutual NDA process. 


Why Us?

We Make It Easy


The digital space has been evolving for years and we tend to overlook the most important thing - it's for real people. At SafeHouse Tech, we focus on providing people with security in cyber rather than cybersecurity.


People Want Digital Trust


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