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App Lock Guide

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Daryn Dusansky

Add an additional layer of security for any and all of your apps with App Lock in the Safehouse App.

App Lock allows you to stop anyone from opening apps of your choice. This is done by locking apps to those without the PIN, face ID, or fingerprint needed to open the app. You can customize which app you would like to keep to yourself, perhaps those with private information like Gallery or Notes. App Lock security prevents others from seeing and using apps on your phone, keeping your sensitive information safe and private.

Under the button that activates VPN, there is a section titled “features.” This is where you will click on the App Lock feature. A complete list of apps on the device will come up and you can then secure any, and all apps of your choosing. The app lock security feature is only available on Android devices.

Be in control of the information on your phone and who can see it. The app lock feature allows you to keep your sensitive information safe and private on your device.

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