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Breach Detection Guide

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Daryn Dusansky

Use Safehouse dark web intelligence tool to find if and when you have been hacked. Simply open the Safehouse app on your mobile device. Under the button that activates VPN, there is a section titled “features.” This is where you will click on the breach detection feature.

Once there type in your, or anyone else’s, email address. From there, the app scans public databases for your email and information to generate a report of any times your data has been breached. The details include the site, month, year, and soon, the specific information that was hacked. The app also tells you who the hacker was and how many others were hacked during the data breach. In addition, Safehouse gives recommended steps, such as tips for creating a stronger password in order to prevent future breaches.

For even more security, you can get alerted if websites or apps that you subscribed to get hacked. By knowing this, you can be more alert with your personal information.

See how many times you have been hacked before you used Safehouse!

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